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Elective Department

electives Department

Elective Courses

Slater offers a wide variety of elective courses. Most courses utilize extra resources to provide a diverse enriching curriculum. We ask for a donation of $25 per elective course per year.

Thank you so very much!

Art - Wendy Anderson


A huge thank you to all the families who donated $25 for their art student! Donations are always accepted as we head into the spring semester. Art donations are especially important as we start ceramics which can be expensive when we purchase clay and glazes. We are just finishing an in-depth unit in drawing. The self-portraits, grid drawings, and doodle art should be at home, on the wall by now. Remind your child that art made by their own hands is a priceless gift. Our next unit starts in December, everything 3D! Wire art, duct tape, ceramics, and the super fun altered books project. Extra credit for any ticket from a museum, gallery or art shows too. Please make sure you send me an email with any questions, ideas, donations or comments on your child's artwork. 


Welcome back to school from the  Art Department! We are looking forward to a fun and active school year!

The art department supplies everything you need to participate in art thanks to your generous donation of

$25.00 during the first month of school. Please make your checks payable to HSMS.

Also, remember that Slater Art is about being positive and shutting off your internal negative voice to allow you to have fun and not be overly judgmental about what you create in class. The main point is to have fun and be respectful of your work and others in order to quiet our critical inner voice.

I can’t wait to meet all the new art students this year, we are going to have a blast!

Link to Teacher Website: Wendy Anderson

Culinary Class

The Culinary class is off to a great start! First of all, thank you so much to all of the families that donated $50 to help our class buy food supplies. We spend an average of $100 a week on food supplies for three classes as we cook each week. It adds up really fast. After starting the year with food preparation basics and getting to know our kitchens, we are moving forward to more complicated menu items.  Each week we do something new and it's always exciting! 

Welcome, all new and returning Spartans.

We'll have fun in the kitchen preparing and eating some great foods while learning culinary basics, a variety of cultural foods, nutrition and food production and celebrating holidays.

Bring your appetite and let’s “get cooking!”

The culinary class supplies everything you need to participate thanks to your generous donation of

$25.00 during the first month of school. Checks can be made payable to HSMS.

Recommended Supplies:

  • 3 ring bind

Teacher Website: Mrs. Loeb's Teacher Site


Computers - Kim Romero

Drama - Weslynn Finfrock

Drama is a great class!  It is a wonderful place to make close friendships and lasting memories.  Students learn acting and vocal technique and improvisational skills, in preparation for the class productions.  Typically we have two productions in a school year. The Winter Showcase, comprised of a one-act play, a series of monologues, and a few musical numbers, will be at the end of the first semester. The second production will be a full-on musical performed at the end of the school year. 
As a drama student, you will be required to:
1. Participate in classroom assignments
2. Memorize lines and blocking when assigned
3. Attend afterschool rehearsals when required (calendars will be provided in advance) 
4. Attend at least one Saturday work party per semester (Don’t worry! They’re fun!) 
5. Attend and participate in ALL scheduled performances.

Teacher Website:Weslynn Finfrock

Industrial Tech - Kyle Desideri

Leadership - Sandra Martin

Media Production - Sandra Martin

Slater Drama