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Our Therapy Dog Merika
Our Therapy Dog Merika

The Best Way to Contact Me is.....

E-mail is the best


Student Made Video's

Click below to view Mrs. King's YouTube Channel. Here you will find the student created videos we have made in class.

Meaghan King

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Welcome to Room 42!!

Hello! I am Mrs. King. I teach SDC Moderate/ Severe special education in room 43. We have a Certified Therapy Dog, Merika who is an 8-year-old Yellow Lab. Mrs. King loves NPR, the Red Sox and spending time with her crazy wonderful new kid Charlie!

Mrs. King's Kid - Charlotte aka "Charlie"


Mrs. King's Classroom Website

The link below will take you to Mrs. King's Website. There you will find (hopefully) all the info you are looking for. 



Mrs. King in Africa Working with SPED Students
Mrs. King in Africa Working with SPED Students

Favorite Place - Fenway Park!