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Illuminate Education:  Sometimes I post an assignment while I'm grading it.  If there is no grade in the column, it doesn't mean you haven't turned it in and received a zero.  It means I haven't posted it yet. 

Google Classroom:  most assignments will be posted in Classroom.   Please check your student's Classroom for work and grades, etc.  This includes posts about assignments created in

Important Dates: Please write these in your planner!

 All AR/Independent Reading books and assignments for the quarter are due:


1st Quarter:  Friday, October 4, 2019

2nd Quarter:  Wednesday, December 11, 2019

3rd Quarter:  Friday, March 6, 2020

4th Quarter:  Wednesday, May 13, 2020


Oral Grades:

Week of September 10-14, 2019 

Week of November 5--9, 2019

Week of February 4--8, 2020

Week of April 22--26, 2020

We love reading!
We love reading!
Ms. Coltrin’s Independent Reading HW 2019--2020




Please see this link on how your independent reading daily homework will be assessed.



Jocelyn Coltrin

Welcome to Slater Middle School English!


Welcome to English 7 and 8!  I'm so excited for this school year.  Yes, I was on the t.v. show Wheel of Fortune a couple years ago.  :-) 

  • If you have any questions about your student's progress, please visit the Student Portal (see link to the right), as I try to update the grades weekly.  I also post most assignments in Google Classroom.  
  • You can also see your student's Independent Reading progress (see link to the left) through the Home Connect website (see link to the right).  
  • The links to these sites are to the right of this section and at the Slater Student Site.  
  • If you have any questions for me, the best way to ensure a timely response is to email me at .  
1st Quarter

We'll be starting out 1st Quarter getting into some routines.  These daily routines include:

  • First Chapter Fridays:  Ms. Coltrin will read the first chapter of a book that students may want to read.  
  • SSR (Sustained, Silent Reading)--10 minutes.  After the One-Minute reading, students will be expected to read 10 minutes during class, and 20 minutes outside of class (use SSW for this if you can!) in their Independent Reading books.  *See the infographic to the left for the benefits of daily independent reading!
  • English Notebook Activities.  These may include:
    • Grammar, vocabulary, spelling strategies, sentence work, brainstorming, mentor texts, nonfiction reading and writing, journal prompts that are tied to the day’s/unit’s lesson, etc.
    • Journaling on AR/Independent Reading books, inspirations, favorite lines, emulating mentor writing, talking about figurative language, recognizing classic themes, elements of short stories, etc.  
    • These activities will generate ideas for more formal writings, including persuasive, argument, and summaries, as well as narrative/creative writing.
  • Our 1st Quarter of the school year will  start with expository writing, and then mainly focus on elements of the short story and autobiographical incident (e.g. plot, direct vs. indirect characterization, figurative language, etc.) and writing several narratives, with one major narrative piece (this will be your "final exam" on the quarter).  
    • 7th Grade will focus on elements of short stories (internal vs. external conflict, setting, point of view, plot chart, theme, direct vs. indirect characterization) and include the stories "Seventh Grade" by Gary Soto, "The Elevator" by William Sleator, "The Scholarship Jacket" by Marta Salinas, "The War of the Wall" by Toni Cade, and "Amigo Brothers" by Piri Thomas.
    • 8th Grade will focus on elements of autobiographical incidents (same as above, but also more focus on narrative writing with these elements and also sensory details and figurative language) and include the stories "The Clown" by Patrick McManus, "Painful Memories of Dating" by Dave Barry, "Fish Cheeks" by Amy Tan, "Pouring Soda in the Backseat" and other autobiographical incidents by Randy Pausch, and "Eleven" by Sandra Cisneros.  
Requested Supplies
  1. This is a link to my Amazon Wishlist of requested supplies:
  2. All of these can also be found at your local Dollar Store.  

Students should have these for English class:  

  • 3-ring binder with sections 
  • at least 200 sheets college- or wide-ruled binder paper
  • Independent Reading (A.R.) novel (bring to class daily)
  • blue/black ink pens and pencil with eraser
  • 2 highlighters of different colors
  • flash cards (for spelling, Greek & Latin roots, vocabulary words)
  • sticky (Post-It) notes
  • a sense of humor and a willingness to learn

Optional items/items for the classroom:

  • a pencil pouch
  • glue sticks
  • colored pens or pencils
  • facial tissues
  • hand sanitizer
Helpful Websites for English

Please check the following sites regularly:



A.R. Honors / Gold List

Advanced English students will be required to read one book from this list each quarter:

What Time Should You Go to Bed?
What Time Should You Go to Bed?