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Wendy Provost

Welcome to Ms. Provost's Eighth Grade History Class!

Renaissance Program

The Renaissance Program is an academic recognition program that rewards students that have good grades, perfect attendance, and improved grades.  

There are four card levels: Gold Card - 4.0, Silver Card - 3.0-3.9; Red Card - 2.5-2.9; and White Card - perfect attendance and/or .5 GPA improvement. You cannot receive any level of card if you have been suspended and you cannot receive a card (except White Card) if you have an F in any class.

There are weekly rewards given out for card holders, the higher the card, the more handouts.  There are also special "perks" in each teacher's classroom for card holders

Renaissance also recognizes each student on their birthday (half birthdays if it is during the summer!).

If you are interested in helping with the costs of this program, please contact me by email or look in the Slater Newsletter for donation information!

8th Grade U.S. History

In eighth grade history, we cover from Christopher Columbus through the United States' entry into World War I.  

This course is taught thematically.  The four themes for the year are: The Movement of Peoples and Cultural Conflict; The U.S. Constitution: The Foundation of Democratic Ideals; Social Injustice Sparks Change; and War.

There is an ample amount of geography throughout the year.  Students are expected to keep up with current events and bring in questions about what is going on in our world today.

Week of 2/6/2023 Posted 2/5/23