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James Sanders Locker
Contact Information

My prep is 2nd period and the best way to reach me is through email at   You can also sign up for text message reminders at  When you register, the code you need to enter for my class is @fe02ce

Mr. Sanders' 7th Grade ID
Mr. Sanders' 7th Grade ID

James Sanders

Mr. Sanders
Mr. Sanders

Sign up at to receive text message updates.  

My class code is:



Wish List!


Two(2) 1/2 Wine Barrels for Gardening

8 Bags of Garden Soil

Ink Cartridge HP80A

Current Assignments
This Day In History
  • 2005 Prince Charles marries Camilla Parker Bowles

    Charles was formerly married to Diana, Princess of Wales. His second marriage to Camilla made him the first member of the British Royal Family to have a civil wedding.

  • 1967 The first Boeing 737 takes off on its maiden flight

    The short-to-medium range plane is the best-selling airplane in history.

  • 1952 The Bolivian National Revolution overthrows Hugo Ballivián's government

    The nationalist movement initiated radical reforms, including universal suffrage, the nationalization of tin mines, and the inclusion of previously marginalized ethnicities into national life.

  • 1940 Germany invades Denmark and Norway

    The rationale of Operation Weserübung was to secure access to Swedish iron ore. In Norway, a resistance group around Max Manus and Gunnar Sønsteby successfully sabotaged the German war effort.

  • 1860 The world's first recording of the human voice is created

    French inventor Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville used his phonautograph, the earliest known sound recording device, to capture himself singing the French folk song “Au clair de la lune”.