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Jane Thomas

Welcome to the New School Year!

In 8th grade science we will be learning how to measure in metrics, how and why things move, astronomy and chemistry.


In 7th grade we will be learning about health topics, cells and disease, biology, geology and geologic time.


It will be a busy year filled with lab activities, discussions and learning opportunities. Please make sure you bring your science notebook and planner to class everyday!

How to be Successful in Science!

  • Bring a three-ring binder to class every day, keep up to date on the table of contents, keep pages numbered and in order daily.
  • If you're absent, please get make-up work as soon as you return. 
  • If you do poorly on a test or an assignment, ask about extra credit. One extra credit assignment is allowed for each quarter.
  • Come to class on time and ready to work.
  • If you don't finish an in-class assignment, complete it in SSW or as homework.
  • Follow all lab safety rules!!