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The best way to get in touch with me is through email: can also reach me at     890-3880 (ext.#31233); however, I may not be able to get back to you immediately.


If you'd like to receive texts/alerts with homework assignments, click on the link for information on how to sign up. It's easy and is for both students and parents/guardians.

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Kelly McMahon

My Family
My Family
      Welcome to 8th grade CPM!

Welcome to 8th grade Math

(College Preparatory Mathematics)! 

I am looking forward to a great year!  As long as you try and do your best, you will succeed in this class!

SSW News

Continue to bring your AR books or work from your classes to work on during SSW.

THIS FRIDAY is our first Renaissance Rally!!! The theme is SURVIVOR and TEAM COLOR DAY!!! McMahon's class is TEAM ORANGE!!!! Make sure you wear your team color (ORANGE) and get in the spirit!!!!


Parent CPM Help

Click on the link below:

CPM 8th Grade Guidelines


CPM 8th Grade Guidelines



Tests will be out of 100 points (your score + 50 points for revisions). If you do not do them, then you receive 0 points and your grade drops. If you do them, you receive 50 points added to your score! For every day they are late, you lose 5 points (up to 15 points). Please see the attached sheet/form that needs to be used. Correct each problem you got incorrect. Attach to the original test. Forms are available in Mrs. McMahon's room or you may print the attached one out. Use as many as necessary. Do NOT lose your original test or you CANNOT complete your revisions!!!