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Contacting Mrs. Finfrock

You may email Mrs. Finfrock at or send in a written note with a student and Mrs. Finfrock will call you.  Email is preferred.

AR Deadlines

AR Points Due Dates:

Please check back next week for this information!  We were without a librarian for the first month of school, so we have not been running the AR program.


Period 5

Welcome to English 8

In English 8, students will read relevant non-fiction and rich literature,  write narratives, essays, poetry, and persuasive pieces, discuss literature and current and past events, perform literature and original pieces, and study the nuts and bolts of the English language to become better readers and writers.  Please read below to see what we are currently working on in English. Please see below with what is currently happening in Mrs. Finfrock's English 8 class.

What's Happening in English?

Currently, we are reading the novel Hunger Games.

In addition to reading the novel, students are adopting a character from the novel and retelling Katniss' story from that character's point of view.  Students will be learning many elements of narrative writing through this vehicle.  This unit is a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to seeing the creative side of students in English 8.

In regards to the nuts and bolts of the English language, we are reviewing capitalization.  (For example, did you know that the French in French fries is capitalized?) Many students have holes in their knowledge of when to capitalize.  Showing errors in the mechanics of writing affects how students are perceived (and adults too). We will be working hard to fill in the gaps. 

Finally, we have been working with Greek and Latin roots and how to unlock the meaning of words using this important tool.

Parents should know that I assign 25-35 minutes of homework EVERY NIGHT!  Please keep an eye on the homework by visiting this page often!





What is the Accelerated Reader Program?

If you are unfamiliar with the Accelerated Reader Program, please check out the following link:  AR Info

Along with understanding the AR Program and supporting your student as he or she completes his or her required independent reading, you can also keep track of your student's progress by logging into

Ask your student for his or her user i.d. and password (student number).  If he or she does not know it, this is a HUGE red flag as students should be continually reading and testing on books.  I can help by providing this information to you.

You can email me at and I will get back to you ASAP.

Materials Needed for English 8

1.  1 1/2" three ring binder for the sole use of this English class. This will become your English textbook.

2.  Five dividers labeled as follows:  Projects, Reading, Writing, Nuts and Bolts, Performing

3.  Accelerated Reader book and/or class novel.  

4.  100 flashcards (You can buy them or make your own).

5.  Plastic or cloth pen holder (for holding flashcards)

6.  Planner (may and should  be used for other classes)

7.  Multiple pens and pencils

8.  College rule lined white paper 







Upcoming Tests and Quizzes
Upcoming Projects Due

Character portrait has been assigned.  Deadline is Tuesday, October 1, 2019.

Need Reminding?

Join Mrs. Finfrock's Remind to be notified of homework important announcements.

Text the number 81010 and send the message @Finfrock5.  It's that easy, and you will immediately begin receiving notices about Mrs. Finfrock's class.

Do You Have a Reluctant Reader on Your Hands? Have You Learned About Hoopla?

Many times reluctant readers do better when reading if they are listening to a book ALONG WITH reading.  Hoopla is a great app which allows you to check out digital books and audio books for free from Sonoma County Library. You will need a computer or smartphone and a Sonoma County library card to access this tool.  Have your student LISTEN to the novel, AND READ with the book in hand, tracking the words as he or she listens.  


Note:  It works better to see what Hoopla offers in the way of audio books, select the audio from the selection provided, and then obtain the book for the student to read along. 


This not only helps students with fluency, but it often makes reading more enjoyable for those reluctant readers.   


On a personal note, I use Hoopla continually as I'm a fan of listening to novels while doing mundane tasks, such as driving, doing housework, etc.  It is super easy to use. If you haven't done so already, you should give it a try.  I love it.