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Kyle Desideri

U.S. History

In History this year we will be covering a lot of good content.  We will begin our studies with the Colonial era and will proceed all the way through the end of World War I.  We will be teaching thematically in this call with 7 different themes for the year, beginning with American Ideals and ending with War and Peace.  All students will need to have a spiral bound notebook containing at least 100 pages, a three ring binder, blue or black ink pens, colored pencils, and a pencil.  These items should be brought to class on a daily basis.  Donations of kleenex and other school supplies are much appreciated.  If interested please email me:)

Industrial Technology (Shop)

Industrial Technology is a great hands on experience for students who are interested in learning to work with wood and metal.  Students will work at their own pace but will have 10 required projects followed by many options for additional projects once done with those.  We rely on a $50 donation to keep this class available to incoming students.  Students will really enjoy this fun and informative class.

Contact me.