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Mike Simanek

You can email me at


Students are expected to bring the following supplies to class every day:


1) Planner

2) Pencil + Red Pen

3) Notebook w/ Graph Paper

4) Warm Up Worksheer

5) Homework Worksheet


If you would like to sign up for HW reminders (for parents or students), please follow the directions below:


1) Send a text message to the number 81010 with the message "@simanek124" (for periods 1, 2, or 4) or "@simanek35" (for periods 3 or 5).


2) You will recieve a text from, reply to that text with your first and last name.


3) You will receive a text from a new number that confirms you have enrolled.  You will now get all HW reminders sent via text message.

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