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School Policies & General Information

School Policies and general information


The office phone use by students is for emergency use only.

This includes health or medical issues, missed or delayed First Student buses, and unforeseeable events. Students should make travel arrangements and social plans before coming to school.

Cell phones are NOT to be used during school hours and must be turned off from during ENTIRE school day

Students are sometimes allowed to use cellphones as a learning tool in classrooms. Students must follow teacher direction and  expectations for use in the classroom The use of cell phones for text communication or for photo-taking purposes is expressly forbidden by Board Policy 5114.1. See student handbook for more details regarding discipline of use of cell phones

If you need to pick up your child before the end of the school day, please make arrangements with your student BEFORE SCHOOL for pick up locations or appointments.

Students must bring a note to the attendance office BEFORE SCHOOL to be excused from school for an appointment. This will prevent interruptions of class time. 


We have an area for your students to lock up their bikes. It is locked at 8:00 and then reopened at 3:00. The most important thing is to make sure students lock their bikes. We are still seeing bikes left unlocked. Though this area is locked, we have had bikes lifted over the eight-foot fence during the school day. We are not responsible for stolen bikes. Think & lockem’ up!


Backpacks may be used to and from school, but MUST be kept in the locker during t he school day.

Check the backpack weekly for disorganization. Be sure the papers are in the correct place in the binder and not wadded up in the bottom of the backpack. Also, the remnants of any food products or other unnecessary items should be cleaned out of the bottom of the of the backpack. This weekly routine can keep the assignments in the proper place and will help him/her to be more organized


Parents must call or e-mail the Attendance Office DAILY when their child is absent phone: 890-8330 ext: 31110, e-mail:

When leaving a message, please provide the following information:

  1. Date of absence
  2. Reason for absence (illness, doctor's apt, ect.)
  3. Name and daytime phone number of person calling, and the person’s relationship to the student. (mother, father, guardian, grandparent, etc.)

**Students who are late to school will receive an after school detention. If parents would like to excuse a tardy they can contact the attendance office or send their student with a note.**

Students are allowed 3 notes/excuses per semester

Vacations & Trips

Going on a vacation or trip? Please bring a note to the attendance office PRIOR to leaving. Not to the teachers. The Attendance Office will help in getting all your students work to take with you. 

Attendance & Activities

Students MUST be in school on the day of an extracurricular activity for a legal school day (four class periods) if they want to participate in that activity.

For example, if there is a night school dance, or an after school athletic contest, or an evening awards ceremony, etc., for a student to attend or participate in that activity they must be in school that day for a legal school day (four class periods).

Dropping off & picking up students

Before & After School:

Please do not drop off your student in the staff parking lot. Staff are trying to get to work along with the school buses arriving and departing.

Please only drop off your student in the parking lot due to medical injury or disability.

During School Hours:

If your student needs to leave early, please contact the attendance office (e-mail, call or note with student) in order for your student to receive a permit to leave. When student returns to school, he/she needs to return the permit to leave to the attendance office. If student was at a doctor's appointment please attempt to get a doctor's note to turn in as well. 

messages to students

Only in the case of an EMERGENCY will the office forward messages from parent to student as student messages delivered to the classroom cause disruption. Please discuss arrangements such as, transportation, appointments, and other non-urgent issues, in the AM, before your child leaves for school. If your child needs to leave during the school day, please have them bring a note to the attendance office BEFORE SCHOOL to get their Permit to Leave. 

Deliveries to students

Deliveries to students often result in disruption to their classes. All deliveries should be kept to a minimum. Absolutely no balloons are allowed. Necessary items should be taken to the Main Office to be delivered as time permits.